Official Minute on SB1405

February 17, 2011

Phoenix Urban Health Collective

Action • Outreach • Advocacy

Official Minute on SB1405:

The Phoenix Urban Health Collective is a coalition of medical professionals committed to reducing health disparities in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

As medical professionals, we view our relationship with our patients as a sacred one, built on trust and a shared commitment to health.
While we oppose any legislation that has the effect of criminalizing vulnerable populations, we find bills such as SB1405 — which would turn every hospital in the state of Arizona into a de facto immigration agency — to be especially repulsive.

SB1405 would further erode the trust between our patients and the medical resources that we all depend on. This would undermine community health efforts and inevitably lead to an increase in avoidable suffering and mortality.

As medical professionals, we are bound by our professional codes of ethics to do no harm to our patients.  We cannot, therefore, comply with any law or regulation that asks us to participate in the criminalization of our patients, particularly when such policies serve no discernible purpose in promoting community health or public safety.

We are medical professionals; not immigration agents.  No act of the legislature will compel us to violate our professional ethics by blurring that line.

We call on our elected representatives to desist from such harmful and frivolous distractions and return to work on legislation that will address actual problems facing our state.


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