The Phoenix Urban Health Collective (PUHC) is a non-institutional collective of healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting community health among vulnerable populations in the Greater Phoenix Area. 

        The PUHC recognizes that poor health is not evenly distributed within our valley: minorities, the poor, and immigrant populations suffer from a disproportionate share of the public health burden.  If these disparities are to be resolved, we must understand and address the socio-political determinants of poor community health status.   Factors such as (but not limited to) environmental pollution, inadequate public investment in education, a shortage of affordable housing, lack of access to primary care, and  the criminalization of homeless and immigrant populations all serve to perpetuate and expand these health disparities.

     As medical professionals, we are committed to supporting – through direct action, public outreach, and political advocacy – underserved communities who are struggling to remove the structural barriers to improved community health status.


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